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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Will be looking forward to it whenever you guys get the chance to release them.
  2. Yeah, we'll release them. Tsukai became too busy to continue translating, so we're going to be continuing with cnet's translations again.
  3. Just wondering if you guys plan on releasing 807 and 808 or just stopped because of the mangapanda thing?
  4. I'll try that, thanks!
  5. There are plenty of programs, but the one that some people I know use is this one.
  6. Do you know of any software that i can use to download manga from kissmanga?
  7. Thank you for link!
  8. If you don't mind registering, there's batoto, which has all of Casanova's releases and the group that used to scan it before them.

    If you don't want to register, there's Mangasee, but it doesn't update its archive often, so it has Chinese to English translations for the recent chapters.
  9. Sorry to bother you but can you tell me where can i find good scanlation of Haikyuu?
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