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    I finally watch and finished arrow season 2 yesterday (which is incredibly similar to season 5 where I started). I took that long because season 1 bores me to death it took a lot to get past. I find it interesting that Slade basically never fought Arrow until the very and much of the season was just building and exploring the relationship they had. And it's the favorite season of arrow. Proving people can want more than badass fights.
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    I usually try to avoid interview on series I am invested on to be more surprise or not put unreasonable hype/expectations. But I am pretty happy to ear it will be a character thing and I hope they stick to it. As far as Whale go I refuse to have any hope on him. He just feels like one those guys who will barely be anything than cartoony and the depth will come from the authors talking about him and making you regret it wasn't on the show. Harponn andPiranhas don't scream interesting villain but over the top villain.

    One of the daughter(oldest) will be a lesbian from what I heard which should be interesting to watch in terms of partrayal.
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    That's pretty cool that you are part of the Jaimini Box staff now. Reminds me that CCC used to translate chapters of One Piece before he became official. It's responsability and you get to work on something you appreciate. Nice going

    Hows are the scripts going for your class?
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    Actually I was thinking more of something similar to the punisher when we shared it there but I guess the thread works to.

    I shall watch static as soon as I can.

    I guess Daredevil is pretty blend but to be fair 90% of superheroes can be sum in 3-2 sentences or classified in 3 categories.
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    Daredevil season 2 or the with 4 great episodes and way to much ninjas. I was really tired with all those ninjas. And the plot never really close or amount to really anything. It's just a giant setup take is getting in the way of the interesting stuff. It could easily have been an interesting things with taking young kids and how it affects Matt but it isn't really given any focus and they are just a random army constantly attacking and giving nothing in terms of interesting plots.
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    About sidekicks Roy and Diggle had decent treatment I think. But mostly I enjoyed flawed characters as long as they feel real. And a lot of the thing of the episode could have been annoying if not for how the actresses play it. So I think they will continue to feel grounded and real even if they get some BS from time to time.

    But like I said the show have gathered Punisher level of trust from me and that's an high bar.I f Punisher could handle a techie guy I think they can handle 2 girls fine. It's the side characters that gets crap on so It's the wife that scares me becasue it's the one they won't think about polishing.
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    Relationship drama? God I hope not. It's one of the BS Supergirl dived into once it switched to CW and they seem to enjoy to putting it everywhere so it is a risk. But it seems one of the daugther will be lesbian and that was the best part about Alex in Supergirl season 2. I am much more scarred that the ex-wife becomes an annoying rather than the smart reasonable woman she was presented as. God I hope the CW can keep away from it. But comparing the first episode of Supergirl on the CW(where their hands were all over it) and Black lighting I think they might let it be.
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    At least in Batman other ways is a constant discussion between Alfred & Bruce and he doesn't belittle the cops and work with them. So it's not to bad in comics

    It's mostly in TV shows it annoys me where they treat cops like annoying little kids that should stay in the park while the grown up do the work.The place I hated it more was Supergirl S2 where there seemed to be the underlying idea that if you are not a superhero you are not making a real difference. Way diferent then S1 where there was the idea that anyone can do their part and even the crossover had firemen saving the day. One those reason I say s2 may be "better" but lost a lot of his heart. But it did bring some interesting things. I don't think you ever watched supergirl?
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    The segue reminded me those flashbacks main characters have about normal moment they have with dead people being romanticized. But at least those make sense.

    I think Wally(second flash) is about the only hero I know without a tragic backstory. But then again that's mostly as sidekick and to become the Flash his mentor had to die. I guess healthy people don't put mask to punch criminal. They just go be a cop. Which I get as a way for motivation and being disillusioned with the system but still an interesting thing to think about.
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    Also Gambi reminds me alfred from the BVS movie. And the shop reminds me Kingsman.
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